Reviews Reviews – If you’re looking for a dating site to match you with the perfect match, you’re in luck. has all the bells and whistles you’re likely to find on a modern online dating site. It’s free to join, but you’ll have to pay a subscription to use many of its more advanced features. Aside from its basic […]

3Fun – A Mobile Dating App For Threesomes

If you’re looking for a mobile dating app that helps you find willing partners in threesomes, you might want to check out 3Fun. The app is free and available for both Android and iOS devices. It has users in the United States, Brazil, Netherlands, and several other countries. In total, 3Fun has more than 2 million downloads. 3Fun is a […]

Flirtual – Meet People in Virtual Reality

Flirtual is the new dating app that lets you meet people in virtual reality. While dating in the real world is a challenge, virtual dates can provide a completely new level of dating realism. The app lets you meet people and chat using avatars. This new dating service has several features that are aimed at improving the virtual dating experience. […]

How to Win on Dating Apps

To win in dating apps, there are a few key steps you must take to improve your chances of finding a perfect match. Some of these steps include updating your profile frequently, not taking deer in the headlight pictures, and mastering Tinder’s affordances. Regardless of your level of dating experience, you’re sure to find success if you keep these tips […]

How to Date Again After Breakup

Using common sense is a critical part of learning How to Date Again After Breakup. You might be tempted to look at new partners as upgrades to your ex, but doing so will only blind you to the realities of dating again. You must learn what you want in a partner, and find someone who matches that description. Common sense […]

5 Reasons Why Wait To Date

Wait To Date – Delaying dating allows kids to enjoy the carefree innocence of childhood without the anxiety and complications of male-female relationships. Recent studies have shown that kids are hitting puberty earlier, which has led to an increase in stress and anxiety during adolescence. Delaying dating allows kids to maintain their purity, which is an important consideration for families […]

What You Can Learn From Tinder Swindler

Tinder Swindler – Simon Leviev was a con man who preyed on women on Tinder. His techniques were deceptive; he used a woman’s imagination to make a transaction. Yet, he was rewarded with five Emmy nominations for his sleazy tricks. The best thing you can do to avoid falling victim to the same pitfalls is to remember the lesson of […]

4 Must-Have Profile Photos for Your Dating App

You have a limited number of photos you can upload on dating apps, so it’s important to make every slot count. Avoid group shots, filters, and photos that don’t actually feature you. Make sure the photo you choose has a smile on it. You’ll want your prospective dates to notice your smile and get interested in you! Avoid group shots […]

15 Creative Ideas For Your Next Virtual Dates

Virtual Dates – doesn’t have to be boring. There are plenty of activities to do with your loved one that are both fun and interesting. Web karaoke is one such activity. You can download lyric videos from YouTube and sing along with your partner. You can even choose which songs you want to sing together. Another great activity to do […]

Your Complete Singapore Dating Guide to Help You Find Love

Singapore Dating, here are a few tips to meet your perfect match. First, understand that women in Singapore are career-oriented and not attracted to men. Fortunately, online dating is an excellent option for finding love in Singapore. Whether you’re looking for a soulmate, or want to date someone who has similar interests and values, there’s a Singapore dating service for […]