Why You Should Always Background Check Your Date

Check Your Date – You should always perform a background check before meeting a new date, but where do you start? There are a number of different options, so it’s important to choose one that suits your needs. Most national background checks search the state’s electronic database, which is useful if you’ve lived in more than one place. Although there are 46 states with electronic databases, some don’t, including Delaware, Massachusetts, South Dakota, and Wyoming.

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Do you wonder why you should always background check your date? There are several reasons why you should. These are outlined below. 1. You want to ensure that your date is honest and trustworthy

Background checks are important to protect yourself against unscrupulous people. Online dating apps, like Tinder, are full of scammers who will prey on vulnerable people. Background check services can help you avoid such people by checking criminal records and sex offender records. Using a service such as Garbo can be a huge help to online daters, as it gives you more information on your matches.

Check Your Date
Check Your Date


There are many reasons to run a background check before meeting someone new. In fact, some services can be as comprehensive as a police report. They also offer some unique dating features, such as checking for larceny charges and criminal records. A BeenVerified report can be provided within minutes, and you can even subscribe for a long-term membership plan to receive notifications whenever the information changes.

A single woman from BeenVerified explains why you should always do a background check on your date. This service searches the Internet for public information, and it does not claim to be 100% accurate. Some records are not digitized, but the company provides court-runner services to find the documentation for you. BeenVerified also provides an account cancellation option for seven days. Nevertheless, if you do not want to pay the monthly fee for this service, you can cancel your membership anytime.


It’s easy to fall for a new, hot-looking man, but if you want to avoid getting duped, you need to do your homework. The best way to find out about someone is by checking out his or her background. You can check their social media pages, employment history, and even their educational background. You should also use reverse image search to see if they have any sex offender convictions.

A criminal background check will show you if someone has any felony convictions, petty offenses, or outstanding legal actions. It can also reveal whether they have a criminal record, and if so, what kind of crimes they’ve committed. These types of reports are public, and are widely available. Landlords and employers use them to screen applicants. You can find a list of credible background check companies through the federal government’s Consumer Affairs website.


You can do a background search on your date to determine if they’ve been convicted of a crime. According to the National Center for Public Records, nearly 20% of the US population has a criminal record. You can search county courthouse databases for criminal records, and if you live in another state, you can use state-specific databases. Additionally, you can check local law enforcement agencies’ online repositories to see if someone has any criminal records Check Your Date.

Check Your Date

Check Your Date

Online dating apps offer numerous features that make them an excellent option for securing a date. You can even check the full name of your date by going through their social media profiles. Some dating app users are so diligent that they go as far as paying background check services for their potential dates. Others go the extra mile and Google their dates’ full names before meeting. Some even tell their friends where they’ll be meeting up and follow up when they don’t check in.


Online dating apps have made it even easier to find the right person to meet, but they don’t do a comprehensive background check of every person. Unlike physical dating sites, online dating apps leave the task of searching for criminal history to private investigators. Now, cybersecurity experts are working to change the way people meet. Garbo, for example, is a new background check platform that will allow users to research a potential date’s criminal history Check Your Date .

You can use free services like Garbo, which search for public records of criminal offenses and sex offender registry records. These services only display public criminal records, so they are not useful if your date has lived in more than one location. However, you have to remember that these services only provide information for 46 states, which means you won’t find records from Delaware, Massachusetts, South Dakota, and Wyoming.

Check Your Date

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