She Doesnt Want a Relationship But She Likes Me What Should I Do

She doesn’t want to date you. There are some obvious signs that she may not be interested in a relationship. Make plans to meet her friends. If you make plans to go out on a date, you should realize that she isn’t thinking about a relationship with you.

Make friends with her friends

If you think your girlfriend doesn’t want to date you anymore, you shouldn’t assume it’s the end of the world. You should learn to be happy with yourself and respect her decision. If she says she doesn’t want a relationship, you can try to find other people who share your interests. However, you shouldn’t pursue dating with her friends if you don’t feel that she would want a relationship with you.

If you have classmate with the girl, you can strike up a conversation about your teacher or upcoming test. Talking about your common interests will break the ice and show her you’re a normal person. But, don’t bring up the fact that you’re in a relationship when you’re around her. This might make her uncomfortable, so try to avoid any mention of rejection altogether.

Another way to determine if a girl is interested in friendship is to look at her body language. If she only touches you while greeting you and then moves away, it’s most likely that she’s not interested in a romantic relationship with you. If she only touches you during conversation, she’s more likely to be interested in other men.


A friendship is a special bond that should feel natural and organic. Be sure not to be too controlling. Often, relationships don’t develop the way we’d like them to. People make mistakes, and you’ll have to accept that. This can strengthen the bonds between friends.

Ask her out on a date

Asking a girl out on a date when she doesn’t want a relationship is very difficult, but it can be done if you know the right way to approach her. The first step is to make friends with the girl’s friends. Make sure you are compatible with them, and make sure that you are available. Sometimes, girls will suggest guys in their friends’ circle who they like.

If a woman isn’t ready to commit, she may feel nervous around you. She might be worried that you will ruin the romantic connection between you and her. Also, she may be testing you by splitting the bill. Don’t force her to spend time with you, and don’t try to force things.

If you’re really concerned about making a mistake and being rejected, remember that this is not her fault. It has nothing to do with your relationship status, but everything to do with her situation in life. Don’t take rejection personally, or else she’ll accuse you of playing games.

Talk to her about you

There are a number of reasons why a woman may not want to be in a relationship. She may be recovering from a breakup, have a demanding schedule, or just want to live her life without any commitments. In addition, women are now more independent than ever before, and some of them have even put off marriage or starting a family for the time being. If you find that your girlfriend isn’t ready to commit, take action now.

One way to make her feel more attracted to you is to be persistent. Women will become jealous if a man is persistent enough to pursue them. Being persistent will show that you are a serious contender for a woman’s attention and affection. Putting yourself out there shows a woman that you are not a pushover, and she will start to feel the same way. Make it a point to hang out with her at least one night a week. Also, make sure to stalk her social media pages, like all of her posts, and invite her to everything. However, remember not to overwhelm her with compliments. Women do not like to be bombarded with flattery.

Another way to convince a woman to pursue a relationship is to offer her the chance to meet your family. If she has a family, you should be able to invite her to spend holidays with you, and she may even invite you over to her family’s house.

Make friends with her

If your girlfriend is not into dating, it may be tempting to keep in touch with her as a friend. However, if she is not open to relationships, it is better to respect her decision and move on. You can also try to develop new friendships and try to be happy on your own.

Another way to make friends with a woman is to become friends with her friends. This way, you can strengthen the bond between you. Women often suggest men in their social circle who can be good matches for them. However, you must make sure that you are the right fit to be her friend.

Sometimes women are not ready to be in a relationship and just want to spend time improving themselves. In such cases, she may not want a romantic relationship or be interested in a sexual relationship. This means you need to nurture your own self-esteem and self-love before you move forward with her.

Make conversation with her

Making conversation with a woman you like doesn’t have to be difficult. There are a few things you can do that will make her feel more comfortable talking to you. For instance, don’t be afraid to talk about random things. Women don’t have to be interested in the same things you are. Moreover, don’t be afraid to tell her that you like her but you’re not interested in dating her.

If she doesn’t want to have a relationship, she may just like you as a person but not as a romantic partner. In such a case, you can play on her feelings by being nice to her. By acting nice to her, you can trigger her feelings of attraction toward you.

It’s not uncommon for a woman to want to spend more time working on herself before getting involved with a man. In this case, cultivating self-love is essential.

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