Divorce Attorney explains Why Men Should Always Pay on the First Date

Men Should Always Pay – If you are wondering why men should always pay on the first date, you’re not alone. A Toronto divorce attorney, Justin Lee, tells us why it’s essential for men to pay for a date. Among other career tips, he shares with his fans that the first date is the best litmus test. Here are his reasons. And don’t forget to follow his advice:

Men shouldn’t owe women a meal or a drink on a first date

If you’re going on a first date, there are certain things you shouldn’t do. Women don’t deserve to be paid for every single thing they do, and a man shouldn’t either. According to a divorce lawyer, a woman shouldn’t feel entitled to expect you to foot the bill for the meal or the drinks. But if you want a woman to feel appreciated and valued, you should not be the one who demands to be pampered.

Men Should Always Pay

Men Should Always Pay

When you’re out on a first date, it’s easy to get confused about who should pay for things. However, if you’re not in a financial position to pay, you can simply offer to pay for the meal or drink. Even if you don’t have money, offering to pay for things will show that you’re willing to share the cost. Similarly, accepting that a man doesn’t pay for something you do is not a bad gesture. It also doesn’t mean that you’re denying him a right to vote.

In a recent study by Money and SurveyMonkey, nearly two-thirds of the men said that they should pay for the woman’s meal or drink on a first date. However, most women felt guilty when a man paid for the meal, and this made them feel attracted to him more. In addition, men reported that they felt guilty when they were asked to cover the bill for a woman.

Men Should Always Pay

Men Should Always Pay

Men should foot the bill to check if their date is “entitled”

Many people disagree with Lee, claiming that men should always pay on the first date to ensure that the woman they are dating is not “entitled.” In fact, some women are actually looking for a dynamic and don’t mind having the man pay for the meal. Some women will even take advantage of this by expecting a romantic gesture from the guy. Lee argues that it’s important to make the first date a memorable one by paying for the food and drinks.

According to Lee, paying on a first date is the best litmus test to see if a woman is worth your time and effort. The issue isn’t about the money you spend, but rather about whether the woman you’re seeing is genuinely interested in you. Paying for a meal shows that you respect the woman you’re meeting and value her time.

American men spend thousands of dollars on video games and other items to impress women. This pussified culture has blurred the gender roles, which have become increasingly fluid over the last thirty years. American men have been raised to feel that they’re God’s gift, and any woman they choose to date is lucky to have them. However, this attitude is damaging to the male psyche and can lead to serious problems for the rest of their lives.

Men Should Always Pay

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