Flirtual – Meet People in Virtual Reality

Flirtual is the new dating app that lets you meet people in virtual reality. While dating in the real world is a challenge, virtual dates can provide a completely new level of dating realism. The app lets you meet people and chat using avatars. This new dating service has several features that are aimed at improving the virtual dating experience.

Flirtual matches users in a VR chat room and also offers virtual speed dating events. Flirtual’s founder Kyle Farewell found his girlfriend in a VR chat. This app is a relaunch of the VRLFP service, which stands for Virtual Reality Looking-for-Partner. The company says Flirtual is an extension of VRLFP, and will help users meet new virtual friends.

Flirtual requires verification of your account, and is available to people of all genders and sexualities. Although Flirtual doesn’t offer messaging features, users can use VRChat or Discord accounts to communicate with people outside of Flirtual. Flirtual’s matchmaking algorithm uses your preferences and personality to match you with potential partners. You can also customize the matchmaking weights so that you find someone who matches you.


Flirtual’s creators hope that the virtual dating experience will lead to real relationships. They estimate that Flirtual users are between 18 and 30 years old and that 50% of them identify as L.G.B.T.Q+. The company also plans to add a VR dating service for older adults.

Flirtual is a social VR dating app that allows users to meet other users based on shared interests. Users upload avatar pictures and write a brief bio to attract potential matches. This process is safe and low-stress and enables users to get to know each other. The matchmaking system is customizable and allows users to meet in any VR app like VRChat or Horizon Worlds.

Flirtual also offers social events and speed dating events. The avatars help you relax and focus on getting to know someone. This means you’ll have a more stress-free dating experience. This is important for achieving a successful relationship. In addition to social events, Flirtual also offers speed dating in virtual reality.

Flirtual claims to be the first virtual reality dating platform. After connecting with someone on the app, the two users will go on to VRChat to communicate. This method is a great option for people with limited free time. If you’re looking for a long-term relationship, Flirtual can be a great way to find it.



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